Door fobs  picked up at either:

Stone’s Throw Café in Blairmore

Limber Pine Smokehouse & Taberna in Coleman


Present emailed CFC or Paypal receipt and bring ID.

Staff will not sell/replace/loan or activate fobs.

PS the coffee is great and so is the food in both places……☕️?


– Sharing of fobs is prohibited. Each and every person entering the facility must scan her/his fob for entry and be able to produce their own fob if asked by an executive member.

– Please be patient if your fob has been deactivated due to membership expiry when submitting payment for renewal as there may be a delay between Paypal and us, normally fobs are reactivated within an hour but in some cases have taken 24hrs or more, you will not loose time if delayed and can contact us for an immediate access code.