Welcome to Community Fitness Connection! This is a 24 hour facility so please retain proof of membership purchase (fob) and be able to produce it if asked at all times. The facility is run by a group of volunteers therefor  has no paid staff, please follow directions on the membership page for membership.

The gym is monitored by high definition cameras 24hrs for everyone’s safety and security and charges will be brought forth for theft or willful damage of the gym building or equipment. Also drug use, legal or not, inside or outside the building, acts of aggression, threats or harassment will not be tolerated and will result in immediate suspension with a time frame to be decided by the board. Clean workout shoes must be worn, NO outside shoes, barefoot users will be asked to leave the facility.

Top quality gym equipment is expensive to purchase and requires maintenance, so we take everyone’s safety very seriously and want each member to acquire a quality workout, while also meeting building cost, maintenance and utilities. Non members using the facilities take away from our paying members and increase cost for everyone. It is the members responsibility to know when their membership expires, the door fob lock system is not there to monitor membership and will deactivate fobs at random. Overuse fee of $15 per entry will apply and trespassers will be asked to leave the building.