I did not realize my membership expired and got a bill for overusage. What do I do now?

It is USERS RESPONSIBILITY to know their expiry date as stated in our terms and conditions which you must approve upon registration. You will be charged day rate of $15 per entry after you have expired. An iPad is available in the gym for everyone to check their date and no excuses will be tolerated.

I just purchased a membership and would like to get in!

Please take your emailed CFC receipt to Stone’s Throw Cafe and pickup your door fob during their regular business hours.

Is barefoot allowed in the gym?

Absolutely NOT! You will be asked to leave and return with foot wear.

I am trying to register but when I submit it just kicks me back to a fresh registration page?

A couple things that will cause that are:

User name is already registered (someone already has it)

Email address is already used.

I am wondering if I can pay for my friends day pass and if he is able to come to the gym with me on my fob?

Have your friend visit our membership page and purchase a day pass. There will be a door code on the bottom of his emailed receipt. You can not purchase for him on your account as it will change your status from your current package to whichever you purchase, each member MUST have their own profile set up.

I am an active member however my girlfriend is not, she would like to do drop in with me tonight or tomorrow. How do we go about doing that?

Have your girlfriend visit our main menu and purchase a day pass.

What does basic mean on my profile?

Basic means you are not a member, you have expired or payment has failed between yourself and Paypal.

I have purchased a single day pass and am wondering what the door code is today!

You will see a door code on the bottom of your paid receipt.

Hello, I thought I was purchasing a two month membership however when I looked it was a one week. Can you please cancel this so I can buy a two month?

Absolutely! You should see an email shortly of refund from PayPal.

What’s a FAQ?

It’s very similar to a OMG. You will find it in the menu. 😏