Having issues using PayPal? Here are some tips to try as CFCC does not have any control over their site.
1 If you are sure that all required information is entered into your PayPal but it keeps sending you back  to the exact same PayPal page ( see picture 1 ) after submitting try clearing your browsers history and cache and re-submitting on your mobile device. Iphone users can see this here. ( see picture 2 ) Android users please search out the instructions for your specific device.
2 You DO NOT need a PayPal account to purchase, you may use debit or credit. Click on “use debit/credit” when directed to the PayPal site.
3 If for whatever reason your purchase does not go through with PayPal due to mistakes in filling out their form, payment issues, internet issues while in the process of paying, etc, you will not be automatically redirected back to our site for payment confirmation. This is telling you your payment did not succeed.
4 If you are directed to the PayPal page for payment and for whatever reason you click on “cancel and return to Communty Fitness” or for whatever reason your purchase fails you ARE registered on our site, you must “login” to your account using the username and password you set upon original registration to proceed.

Picture 1

Picture 2
If you are a new member continually being sent back to the registration page (see picture below) this could be for one of the following reasons.
1 User name already exists in our system, please choose another.
2 Email already exists in our system, please choose another. ALL members must have a separate email address.
3 You have already registered on this page but your payment did not complete. Log into your new account with the username and password first set. (current member) You must then pick a “renew” package and purchase your door fob separately from the main menu.

If the AFM (Additional Family Member) coupon will not apply to your package it is because you are choosing a one month package which is not elligable for discount. See picture below.

If you are trying to renew as a AFM simply sign in with your username and password and choose a AFM renew package. You DO NOT need a coupon code. (see picture below) Coupon codes are needed for NEW memberships only for linking reasons.

If you just tried to signup and did not realize your payment did not process you will be listed as “basic” on your profile and the “next payment date” would have been your expiry date had your payment gone through. ( see picture below )

failed payment