Sarah Nurcombe  with SUBLIME FITNESS

Sarah Nurcombe is a certified Fitness Leader and Resistance Trainer through the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association (AFLCA).


Sarah Nurcombe - SUBLIME FITNESSSarah uses a holistic, integrative approach centered on the client’s needs and goals.  Sarah believes in a collaborative effort between client and trainer.  Fitness is an integral part of Sarah’s lifestyle, she lives and plays in the mountains and on the lakes of this beautiful area.


Her education includes 2200hrs of massage therapy training and a diploma in rehabilitative therapy.


As a certified Resistance Trainer, Sarah can show you how to use the equipment safely and effectively.  At this time, Sarah is working on her Personal Trainer designation so that she can develop a specific program tailored to your needs.


Cost: $25.00 per hour which includes in gym training and write up of exercises. This does not include gym membership fees.

Sarah can be reached by email at sublimemassageandfitness@gmail.com