Community Fitness Connection

COVID-19 rules

Community Fitness Connection

COVID-19 rules

  • Scan in and out of facility

  • Masks MUST be worn when not utilizing equipment, if you are sitting on a piece of equipment while taking a break from a set you are still considered to be utilizing the equipment, a workout mat is considered equipment. The piece of equipment being utilized is considered to be in the center of your 2meter radius, if leaving that 2meter radius masks must be worn.

  • Sanitize equipment both before and after each use.

  • Stay at least 6ft (2 meters) apart from others: NO socializing

  • No spotting allowed.

  • Adhere to gym capacity restrictions.

  • Wash / sanitize hands frequently.

  • Do not enter if feeling unwell or have symptoms.

    Physical distancing and personal hygiene measures must be maintained while using the gym facilities. It is important everyone follow the rules and consider the safety of themselves and others to ensure we remain COVID-19 and injury free.

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